Tiffany + Luke / Wedding Day

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Brad + Jennifer

Brad and Jennifer celebrated their wedding during the breathtakingly beautiful fall season in Davis, West Virginia.  The fog and foilage created such a dreamy mood throughout their entire ceremony at the Pendleton Overlook.  Friends and family then accompanied the newlyweds to Mountain State Brewery to dine and dance the night away.
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2011…A new year and a new blog for yisophotography!

Hello friends and fans of Yisophotography Studio!

Perhaps you have checked out our website,, and became interested in booking us to take pictures of a special event in your life.  Michele and Roberto, owners and photographers at Yisophotography, have been working professionally in photography for the past couple of years and are very excited to include new features to our studio in 2011.  The first new addition is this blog!

How did Yisophotography decide on writing a blog?

Well, it was a spontaneous decision actually.  We were relaxing on the beach in Roca Partida, celebrating the new year together and it occurred to us that many of our clients may want to see behind-the-scenes action from our studio.  We both agreed that by keeping a daily blog, we can connect more intimately with our clients and hopefully build even deeper relationships.

Will you be posting pictures on this blog?

Of course!  That is the primary purpose of this blog!  As much as I enjoy talking, we know that you want to see gorgeous pictures.  We will include final edits, collages, animoto videos and setup pictures from our studio to keep you up-to-date.  In addition, there will be seasonal promotions, wedding booking advice, photography gear updates, fashion photography, family portraits, extreme sport shots, and anything else we can get involved in this year.

Should I contact you through your blog or your website e-mail?

Both!  We appreciate any comment you would like to leave on this blog.  If you are interested in booking us for a wedding or event, please send an e-mail to:

Will this blog be written in English only?

No, I (Michele) will write on Tuesdays and Thursdays in English.  Roberto will write in Spanish on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  We both prefer writing in our native languages to avoid typos. 🙂

Can you please post a picture from your New Year´s celebration at the beach?

Hahaha…Yes, Roberto and I did our own photosession together and I will be happy to post a picture at the end of this blog.

Sincerely, Michele